St. Vincent’s House and Galveston Diaper Bank

Unite to Strengthen Community Impact

St. Vincent’s House and the Galveston Diaper Bank are proud to announce a collaboration aimed at enhancing community support and services. With a decade of service, the Galveston Diaper Bank is collaborating with St. Vincent’s House to create a more profound and lasting positive impact on the Galveston community.

The partnership between Galveston Diaper Bank and St. Vincent’s House marks a significant milestone in the evolution of community support in Galveston. Recognizing the importance of the Integrated Care Model & Outreach Program, this collaboration seeks to address critical needs across various demographics, from infants to seniors, ensuring that every member of the community receives the assistance they deserve.

“By partnering with St. Vincent’s House, we’re creating a united front to tackle community challenges,” remarks Kathy Modzelewski, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Galveston Diaper Bank. “Our shared missions and natural fit make this collaboration a powerful tool for positive change.”

The sentiment is echoed by Paula Tobon, Executive Director of St. Vincent’s House, who expresses gratitude for Kathy’s vision in founding Galveston Diaper Bank, stating, “We are so thankful Kathy and Angela founded this amazing organization. The alignment of our values and objectives makes this partnership a seamless transition and will help us reach new heights of compassion and support for individuals and families in crisis.”

The collaboration has already yielded remarkable success stories. One instance involves a single mother of four children, expecting another on the way. Thanks to this partnership, she was connected with the Pregnancy Help Center and has been provided with essential supplies, including a car seat. Through the St. Vincent’s House Homebound Delivery Program, which delivers to over 140 homebound clients, she and her family are supplied with food and diapers every week. This family was also able to attend our Back to School Blast in partnership with GISD F.A.C.E. where they received school supplies, clothing, and connections to many community resources. They also utilize the St. Vincent’s House bus for transportation for essential needs and appointments.

In 2022 alone, the Galveston Diaper Bank distributed an astounding 1.6 million diapers and supplies to over 40 community partners, emphasizing the organization’s unwavering commitment to addressing crucial needs within the community. St. Vincent’s House and the Galveston Diaper Bank are committed to providing essential baby diapers and adult incontinent supplies to those in need. With Leslie Garza as the new Newborn and Senior Coordinator, the collaboration is positioned to streamline operations and ensure efficient distribution of resources.

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The Galveston Diaper Bank provides diapers and wipes to local organizations involved with creating a healthier environment for our low-income families.

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“Our families are always thankful. Having diapers on a regular basis means they don’t have to make decisions between food, medicine and clean babies.”

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Without diapers, babies cannot participate in early childhood education.
Without childcare, parents cannot go to work.



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